We introduce a new champagne brand for special moments, but also to celebrate life.
Since 2020 it has been an honor that our brand has been added to the list of recognized champagne brands by the French 'Comité du vin de Champagne.'


Our champagne is elegant with golden reflections and fine bubbles.

The taste is fresh, fruity, and smooth, with an elegant sweetness developing and with aroma's of ripe and juicy fruit.


Seb Valoir champagne is produced in the French Champagne region.

What sets our vineyards apart is that all grape varieties are grown in different vineyards throughout the Champagne region for optimal taste and quality.

After bottling, the aging also takes place in the famous champagne cellars.

The Dutch company Valoir works closely it's winemakers to ensure a consistent high-quality champagne.


Seb Valoir

Valoir Logo

Seb Valoir is a brand of Valoir, A Dutch champagne company.
In addition to its own brand, Valoir imports exclusive champagnes for top restaurants, hotels, clubs, events, and wine stores.

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