How Seb Valoir champagne bottles got their iconic blue sleeve.

A New Vision

John Tana Limited Edition Champagne : John Tana - Stökske Brie videoclip

Our Vision

Our vision at Seb Valoir Champagne is to offer a champagne experience that caters to the modern generation.
We aim to provide a trendy and elegant champagne that can be enjoyed on various occasions, both for special moments and as an everyday celebration of life. We focus on producing a champagne with a fresh, fruity, and smooth taste, highlighted by an elegant sweetness and flavors of ripe and juicy fruit.
Our commitment to quality includes a minimum long aging process in our champagne cellars.

Seb Valoir is an exclusive champagne, with a modern look and accessible taste.
A champagne that fits perfectly in this era, in which hard work and optimal enjoyment go hand in hand.

Our Terroir

We cultivate vines on different slopes to achieve the best quality result for every grape variety.

On the Côte des Bars, we cultivate Pinot Noir.
Pinot Meunier is cultivated in the Vallée de la Marne.
We cultivate our Chardonnay grapes in the Coteaux Sézannais.

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Seb Valoir Brut champagne is fruity, fresh, and elegant.
Due to its gentle sweetness, Seb is suitable for any time of the day. Tasting it reveals flavors of ripe and juicy fruit.

Seb Valoir Brut champagne has aged for a minimum of 24 months in the champagne cellars.

Coteaux du Petit Morin, Cote des Bars. Vallée de la Marne.

Golden reflections, beautiful brilliance, and fine bubbles.

Aerating the champagne releases aromas of plums, apricots, and fresh apples.
The bouquet is rich and open, reminiscent of scents of honey and white fruit.

Food & Champagne Pairing

In addition to being a delightful aperitif, Seb is also a wonderful wine & dine champagne.

Pan-fried salmon
Sashimi & Sushi
Guinea fowl
White truffle
Summer salads



Food & Champagne Seb
Food and champagne Seb

Video: Seb Sleeving Process

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